Beneficiation Equipment

Title: Rotary Dryer
Working principle
Rotary dryer with sleeve jacket column structure makes the dryer can be doubled to shorten the length, due to the significant reduction in the cooling surface, so that the heat consumption decreased, while doubling the heat exchange surface greatly improve the thermal efficiency. That can not touch tobacco materials, multi-drum rotary dryer provided inside and outside the cylinder, respectively, smoke tube and pipe smoke ring, with radial flue communication between the smoke pipe, the same energy efficient. Easy to see, in terms of hot and cold media material, the machine became a sleeve-type rotary cooler.

1. The high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation.
2. The fine structure is simple, the material through the barrel resistance running smoothly, easy to operate.
3. Fault less ﹑ ﹑ low power consumption and low maintenance costs.
4. The wide scope of products ﹑ dry good uniformity.

Rotary dryer can occur based on user demand gas furnace, combustion chamber or supporting elevator, belt conveyor, quantitative feeder, cyclone dust collector, induced draft fan and so on.
Its main part consists of cylinder, front roller circle after circle rolls, gears, gear rolls; drag roll, the pinion gear, discharging part, Yang plate, reducer, motor, hot-air channel, feed chute, and other parts of the furnace composition.

Techncal Parameter:

Model Slope (°) Rotary Speed (r/min) Max-Input Gas (℃) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h)
SHDφ1.5×15 3 3-5 700 15-18.5 3.0-20
SHDφ1.5×12 2.8-4 3-5 700 15-17 2.7-17
SHDφ1.5×10 2.8-4 3-5 700 13-15 2.7-17
SHDφ1.2×12 3-4 3-5 700 11-13 2.7-15
SHDφ1.0×10 3.8-5 3-5 700 5.5-7.5 2.2-10
SHDφ0.8×10 3.8-5 3-5 700 4-6 1.8-10
SHDφ0.6×10 3.8-5 3-5 700 4-6 1.5-9
SHDφ1.8×14 2-4 3-5 700 18.5 3-12
SHDφ2.2×12 2-4 3-5 700 30 8-20